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  • The Torchlight Fun Ski was held on Thursday January 23rd, 6:30 PM in Negaunee, MI about 30 miles from the Rock.
  • It is called the Torchlight Fun Ski because it is dark when the ski starts. The trail is lighted by oil torches. You can see some of the torches on the left in the picture below.
  • The temperature was only +9 degrees.

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I'm #161, Gentian is #16...

This is me at the starting gate (#161 in pink) waiting for the Fun-ski to start. Gentian and I were the only kids in pink so we're easy to find. My friend Mike is in the front row wearing the bluegreen jacket, blue hat and black face scarf. My fingers and toes were freezing because we had to wait until the racers finished racing before we could start. My friend Hilary was skiing too. She started behind me.

Hey you guys, move over, I'm coming through!

The Fun Ski is starting. The first thing you have to do is go down a pretty big hill. Some people fell down in front of me so I had to stop and wait for them to get up. I guess I did fine because it was a shorter hill than I was used to.

I just started skiing on bigger skis (Gentian's old set). They are much faster than my old pair. We skied a little more than a half mile.

The finish line...

That's me and my mom crossing the finish line. I don't think I am ready for the timed race yet, but we'll see how I feel next year. I wasn't tired.

I went to the grown-up's Noquemanon X-Country Ski Awards night

From left, my friend Aminda (she didn't ski but she came with us to the awards night), Gentian, me of course, my friends Mike, and his sister Ellen.

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