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Gentian & RiLee meet John Kerry's sister, Diana Kerry! TOP

Diana Kerry, future President John Kerry's sister, was at the Democratic headquarters in Marquette on Tue. Oct. 5, 2004. The headquarters building was large for Marquette but it was filled with Kerry supporters. There were not enough chairs. Michigan State Representative Stephen Adamini also spoke at the event.

Our family, including my parents, attended.

Dianna Kerry was interesting to listen to. Her purpose was essentially to rally support for the coming election.

My mother spoke to her personally and shook her hand.

Gentian & RiLee meet MI Governor Granholm & U.S. Rep Stupak! TOP

On Saturday, January 11, 2003 our family went to the new Michigan Governor's inauguration held here in Marquette at the Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum. It was nice that the governor and Rep. Stupak came all the way up here to see us.

Our new Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm,
Lt. Governor-Elect John D. Cherry (left),
the Governor's husband Dan Mulhern (center),
and us of course!

We also met Bart Stupak (D-MI 1st district),
our U.S. Congressional Representative for Michigan.

RiLee and I thought we'd give the new Governor a little advice. She seemed interested. Dad told her we need more and bigger wind power sites in Michigan.

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Gentian Meets Michigan Senator Bennett! TOP

Gentian and Michigan FORMER Senator Loren Bennett. Michigan Republican gubernatorial candidate Dick Posthumus announced Senator Loren Bennett as his running mate. Read this web site.

I sat in on a meeting with the then Senator at the Holiday Inn in Marquette on 9/5/2002 and listened to a discussion on Charter Schools. I thought the meeting was very interesting and that the Senator has a very interesting job. Later that year, he lost in the 2002 election.

Here is my report:

On the way to the meeting my dad told me about charter schools and what Senators did. I was curious about what he looked like, how he would act and how he would answer all the questions.

Once we arrived it was different than I expected. It was set like a hotel. The room was full of fancy furniture. There was a mint on top of every water cup.

When the Senator arrived he shook everybody's hand and he asked my name. Then they started talking right away. The conversation wasn't boring. I wasn't bored. The people had very interesting points that I never knew. I was the only kid there. Many of the grownups I knew were from our homeschooling group.

I thought the Senator's job was fun. If I could do that it would be wonderful. He just talks to people and listens to people.

If there was another meeting I would go again.