How to Print or Download Pictures

All Photos are ©2003-2007 Steve & Cathy Waller, All Rights Reserved
(family, friends and people in the photos may print, copy or use images for private non-commercial purposes)

About the Pictures
I offer these pictures as a favor to friends, family and people shown in the activity. These are low resolution images (about 80K) so that the web pages load quickly. They print well. I keep higher quality images for a short while so if you want a higher quality copy of a image contact me ASAP at with the picture's number. I will email you a higher resolution copy.

To Print a Picture from this Web Site
It's really simple. You can print this page of instructions if you need to.

Click the small picture (thumbnail) of the photo you want to print. That loads the big picture in the main window. Click your mouse in the main window, then just print the page!
Another fast method is to right-click on the large photo (right-click means click the right mouse button instead of the left mouse button you usually use), them choose "Print Picture..." from the menu. The photo will print on your printer. It's that simple.
For best results, use special photo paper and make sure you select the highest print quality in your printer window. It should print very clear and sharp.

To Download a Picture from this Web Site

This is really simple too! Just click the thumbnail on the left that you want. The big image will appear in the main window.
Right-click on the big picture with your mouse. A small special menu will appear where you clicked.
Choose "Save Picture As..." from this mini-menu.
A window will open that allows you to rename the picture (if you want) and save it to your computer. Once it is in your computer, you can e-mail it to whoever you want!
Of course you can always send friends and relatives the link to the picture website so they can see ALL of the pictures. It's up to you.
Kool eh! Have fun.