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How I used these lesson plans

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I developed these lesson plans during the beginning of the school year so that I would have a weekly target of goals, based on the recommendations from the book The Well-Trained Mind.

I do not necessarily follow these plans to the letter, but modified them according to my kid’s interests and needs during that given week. We generally read most of the books listed below, performed most of the experiments, and completed most of the games and activities. We rarely completed a reading notebook page but recorded all science experiments and completed all history notebook pages.

Some activities flowed into the following week or weeks. Sometimes we concentrated more on writing less on science or vice a versa. This is why I homeschool - flexibility.



How YOU could use these lesson plans

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Read them online. This has several advantages since you can read only the parts that interest you. The latest updates will always be on-line. You don’t use up any paper or ink.

Search a document for desired text. Use “Find” (Ctrl F) to search the entire document for desired text. This is a BIG time saver.

Print out an entire document (warning: some lesson plans are over over 50 printed pages!) Just choose "Print" from the file menu.

Print out only desired parts of a lesson plan. Highlight the parts of the document that interest you, then just choose “Print selection” in your print dialog box. Only the selected text will print. This works really well if you just want part of the document, the resource list, or just a week of the lesson plan.

Copy and paste desired text from a web page to your word processor. Just highlight the desired text, copy, then paste it into a word processor document. This works really well if you just want the resource list or just want to a week of the lesson plan. You can also paste it into an email.

Save a page to disk and customize it for yourself. Then you have the entire document in your computer and can read or customize it for yourself, offline, with a typical word processor like MS Word. Yes, many word processors will convert web pages to word processor documents. The secret is:

  1. Save this web page to disk. Choose “Save as…” from your file menu. Now the web page is in your computer in HTML format.
  2. Open your word processor.
  3. Choose “Open” in your word processor’s File menu.
  4. From within your word processor, open this HTML web page which you saved to your hard disk.
  5. “Save As…” the open web page in your word processor’s format. This converts the page from HTML to your word processor’s format.
  6. Edit the page as you like.
  7. Shhhh. This is a secret process. You can do this with almost ANY web page. Don’t tell anyone!

Want to do something else or having trouble with the above? Call me. Let’s talk about it.