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Homeschool Links Updated June 19, 2005

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Language Arts Top


LD Strategies for Composition and Self-Regulation in the Writing Process
Writing Strands
Institute for Excellence in Writing


Parents Choice Awards
Kids @ Random House books


Double the Consonant Spelling Rule

Guide to Grammar and Writing
Word Roots Software

Websites Top

Homeschool - Your Virtual Home School -
A to Z Home's Cool - Homeschooling Web Site
Homeschooling Articles - - Your Virtual Homeschool
Welcome to Very Best Kids
Homeschool World The World's Most Visited Homeschool Site

Newspapers Top

The Link The Nation's Homeschool Newspaper
At Home In America free homeschool newsletter-newspaper
PBS TeacherSource - Teacher Previews Newsletter
CNN Student News
Homeschool Learning Network - - Your Virtual Homeschool

Religion Top

Important Dates in the History of Religion
Timelines of Religious History

Foreign Languages Top

Power-Glide Foreign Language Adventures
International Linguistics Language Instruction Materials
Concordia Language Villages - Finnish

Science & Health Top


Chemistry Experiments - A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling
Adrian Dingle's Chemistry Pages - Links
3D Molecular Library
Dry Ice Experiments Dry Ice Information
Educators & Students Information
Periodic Tables
Snow Crystals


UNEP Report on the Earth
The State of World Population 2001
Hare Printout-
EEK! Environmental Education for Kids
Society of American Foresters Forestry Fun for Kids
Great Lakes Science Center
Maps and GIS of the Great Lakes Region
The Population Institute - increasing awareness of the consequences of rapid population growth
Consumer Guide Mini-Site
Monarch Watch Dedicated to Education, Conservation and Research
Duluth Shipping News, City of Duluth, Minnesota
Great Lakes and Seaway Shipping
Great Lakes & Seaway Shipping List of Links
Great Lakes Fleet Photo Gallery
Great Lakes Aquarium
Minnesota sea grant - outreach - exotic species - exotics to go CD
Whitefish Point Bird Observatory
Mercury Reduction Program
Lake Superior Binational Program Lakewide Management Plan 2000
Environment News Service,carnot's law,fuel cell efficiency,fuel cell power density,fuel cell emission,fuel cell pollution,fuel cell lo
MooseWood Nature Center
What Makes Fall Color - The Morton Arboretum
Animal Movies, Animal Sound Clips
Congressional Research Service Library for the Environment (NLE)
Living Things Habitats & Ecosystems
Sustainable Forestry lesson plans
The Carbon Cycle


Simple top lighting for the compound microscope
Proper Use of the Light Microscope Kohler Illumination
The Compound Light Microscope
Molecular Expressions Images from the Microscope


Physics demonstrations, Science Exhibits (Bill B's Homepages)
Powers Of 10 Interactive Java Tutorial
Flying Turtle Energy Site


Bird of the Week Main Page
Hummingbird Migration Maps
Monarch Watch Dedicated to Education, Conservation and Research
Living and Nonliving Things
Wolves in the Upper Great Lakes
It's Alive Lesson Plan - Learning about Living and Nonliving Creatures


Autumn Leaves - Why do leaves change color in Fall

Human Anatomy

Human Anatomy Label Me print outs
Skeleton - Body Parts - A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling Anatomy
KLB Science Interactivities - The Human Skeleton
The Big Story on Bones


Astronomy For Kids The Planets of Our Solar System -- Night Sky
Moon Phases, Visible Planets & Sky Calendar
Greek Mythology ENCYCLOPEDIA A-C
Science from Stargazers to Starships


When Teens Have Sex
Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics
Drug Information -- Drugs -- Ecstasy

Science Products

Delta Science Products-Nutshell
Laboratory Equipment and Science Education Supplies
Periodic Table poster - NEW!
Science Mall-USA

Earth Sciences

Hurricane Field Trip
Mineralogy Database
Weather for Kids

NMU Seaborg Center
Kimball's Biology Pages
Science & Math Links
Evolution and Human Origins
Science News for Kids Home Page
BrainPOP - Science

Legal Top

HSLDA Home Schooling Works!--The Scholastic Achievement and Demographic Characteristics of Hom
Regulation of Private Schools - Michigan
Home Schools Information - MI
HSLDA Michigan Legislation 2001—House Bill 4521 A Bill to Impose Mandatory Testing on Home Sch

Audio Programs Top

AUDIO MEMORY - You Never Forget What You Sing!
You are tuned to BOOMERANG!
Welcome to Odds Bodkin Online!
Welcome to Greathall Productions
Audio Bookshelf Homepage
Children's educational resources - music - books - videos
Schoolhouse Rock -- The Official Home Page
Audio tours of US
Algebra for Kids Audio Tapes & CD's
Jay O'Callahan
National Storytelling Festival - International Storytelling Center

Research Tools Top

The Standard Deviants Home
Teen Learning Network --
IPL Youth Collection Reference
Probert Encyclopedia
The Library of Congress
Fact Monster Online Almanac
Main Page - Wikipedia
Harcourt--Where Learning Comes to Life
The New York Times Learning Network
World Wide Web Research Tools
Online Calculators and Converters
Virtualogy Museum
Geometry.Net - The Online Learning Center
About - The Human Internet
KIDS COUNT Census Data Online Encyclopedias, maps, online libraries, quotations, dictionaries & more.
OpenHere Kids
OpenHere Network
The Michael Gurian Educational Institute
Wo r l d Book

Crafts Top

Crayola® Activity Book

Farming & Gardening Top

Kidz Korner Michigan Department of Agriculture
CornCam Home Page

Michigan Top

Michigan - Our Great State!
Hillsdale Educational Publishers (Excellent Michigan resources exclusively from the publisher)
Great Lakes & Seaway Shipping List of Links
MIEPIC - History Themes
Teachers' Stuff from the MI Historical Museum
Michigan Time Traveler
Mackinac State Historic Parks - Education - Online Education Packet
MeL Best of the Internet
Indiana Pure Maple Syrup-Annual Maple Syrup Festival
DeLoughary's Sugar Bush, Producers of maple cream and syrup
Home of the Marquette County Historical Museum
What to Visit in Michigan By County List

Homeschool Catalogues Top

2005-2006 edition
FREE Rainbow Resource Catalog (1100 pages of non-religious AND religious resources)
Pearson Learning Group Online Catalog

Holidays Top

REAL TREES 4 Kids! - Elementary
National Christmas Tree Assn. TEACHER CENTER
Christmas Links

Quizzes & Games Top
Free Lesson Plans, WebQuests, Worksheets and Teacher Tools!
The Homeschool Hutt - Printable Games! Resources! Family Fun! and more!
The Original IQ Test
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
DiscoverySchool's Puzzlemaker

Education Info Top


Fr Mqt 2001
Marquette 2001 - Gd 5&8 Results
Ishpeming 2001 - Grades 5&8 Results
Negaunee 2001 - Grades 5&8 Results
2000 MEAP Results

Marquette Schools Marquette Public Schools
Marquette-Alger Intermediate School District Home Page

National Educational News and State Statistics - MI
The Education Policy Center at Michigan State University
Electronic Library of Current Educational Research (ELCER)


Welcome to Mathematics, Science and Technology
Grades Pre-K - 2 Number and Operations
Standards, Testing & Accountability
Core Knowledge - Lesson Plans - 1st Grade

Reality Check 2002 - Standardized Testing
Homeschooling 1999 Report
CBE, Recommended Links
Education Policy Center at Michigan State University
NEA Rural Education
U.S. Department of Education
No Child Left Behind
National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Home Page, a part of the U.S. Department of Education
The Nation's Report Card
Standard & Poor's School Evaluation Services
Education Statistics at a Glance provides quick access to some of the most important information from the Dept. of Education.
Honest follow-through needed on FT project

Geography & Maps Top

The Map Store
Runkle GeoTextbooks (G 6-12)
States & capitals
Helping Your Child Learn Geography
Are We There Yet Home Page - The Place for Maps, Driving Directions, World Maps, USA Maps, Travel Maps, and More

Government-Michigan Top

State Government Information
Michigan Legislature Educational Files
Michigan State Senate Kids Page
Michigan House of Representatives Kids Page
Michigan House of Representatives Citizen's Guide
Michigan Legislature
Welcome to MGTV Online

Government-US Top

U.S. House of Representatives - Educational Resources
World Almanac for Kids-MI
Life in the White House
U.S. Mint's Teachers' Section
US Mint State Quarter Lesson Plans
The PBS Kids Democracy Project
National Constitution Center For Kids
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids

Math Top

Fuzzy Math Debate

Trouble in MathLand
How to know which math program is being used
Invitation to Fuzzy Math Debate
Math Wars in Massachusetts (both sides described)
Mathematically Correct The Nation

MathLand Archives
Math & Science Links
Math Flash
Chisenbop Finger Math tutorial
Internet Sites for Math Teachers
Math-U-See Homepage
Regents Prep Math A
Singapore Mathematics,Science and English Grammar books from Inc
Learning Wrap-Ups Homepage
Mathematical Symbols
Algebra for Kids Audio Tapes & CD's
Specialist Calculators
Everyday Mathematics Curriculum

Videos Top

Devine Entertainment Videos
Teachers Video Company & Teachers Poster Company

Music Top


Better Guitar - Main Page

Musical Instruments and Recording Gear

Classical Education Resources Top

Diagramming Resources
Welcome to Logos School Classical and Christ Centered Education
Writing Strands
Institute for Excellence in Writing
Spelling Power and Writing Power
Modern Curriculu Press - Spelling Workout
Loyola Press, Inc.
Common Sense Press
The Well-Trained Mind