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What's New! Updated January 7, 2004

  • The Torchlight Ski-Race was Thursday January 23rd, 6 PM in Negaunee, MI about 30 miles from the Rock.
  • It is called the Torchlight race because it is dark when the race starts. The trail is lighted by oil torches.
  • The temperature was only +10 degrees. A bit chilly but I was warm.
  • I was in the girls age 8 and under division because I'm 8.
  • All age divisions, boys and girls, skate skiers and traditional or classic skiers, raced together

This was my first race ever...

This is me at the starting gate (#16 in pink) waiting for the race to start. I was the only kid in pink so I'm easy to find. It is hard to tell the girls from the boys because we are all dressed pretty warm. My friend Ellen is #15 on the left. I was thinking I probably wouldn't win anything. I was a little bit worried about racing.

There were a lot of kids racing...

The race is starting. I fell down just a little after the race started because it was crowded and someone fell in front of me and crossed my skis, but I got back up pretty quick. Once I got started I felt a lot better. We raced a little more than a half mile.

The finish line...

As I crossed the finish line I felt a little excited. I didn't know how well I did. I think I could have gone faster.

I won SECOND PLACE in my division!!!

I never thought I would WIN anything, but I came in second in my division! My friend Ellen, in the red shirt, won first in our division. We were awarded ribbons that night after the race. We were also invited to be on stage for the awards ceremony for the adult Noquemanon Race which was held the following Saturday. It was nice that RiLee got to go on stage too. I don't know the three kids on the right, they skied in other divisions of the Torchlight Race.

These are my friends. The Race was fun.

From left, my friend Aminda (she didn't race but she came with us to the awards night), me of course, RiLee, my friends, Mike, and his sister, Ellen.

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